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SRE Course Curriculum

Experience the New way of Learning with AI
Digital Lync offers best technologies in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

Introduction to SRE

Identify its roles and responsibilities

Scope of Work of SRE

Core Skills of SRE

How SRE benefits an organization

Learn about the SRE team

SRE overview

SRE Operations

SRE Depends Teams

On-call incident response


Reliable product launches

Explore enterprise workflows that can be improved with SRE

Identify toil in an enterprise

Understand how toil is created

Use SRE best practices to reduce toil

Perform a cost-benefit analysis of SRE

Cost & risk

Risk & SRE

SRE Costs

SLO’s and SLI’s

IT Assets

High Availability

Disaster Recovery

Making Infrastructure Highly Available

Creating and deploying HA and DR infrastructure using Terraform

High Availability and DR of Databases

Deploying High Availability Infrastructure

Define Monitoring Objectives

Set Up Prometheus

Create Alerting Rules for black box

Integrate Grafana

Creating a DR Plan

When To Use Availability and DR

Terraform Introduction

Terraform Resources

Deploying Assets via Terraform

Deploy Applications On AWS - Terraform

Using Terraform to Deploy Assets in Another Region

When To Use And Not to Use Terraform

Creating and deploying HA and DR infrastructure using Terraform

High Availability and DR of Databases?

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Recovery Point Objective (RPO

Implement Geo-Replication for MySSQL

Database replication

Implement Geo-Replication for MySQL Instances Demo

Automated Backup for MySQL Demo

Database Failover Demo

When To Use High Availability and DR of Databases

Introduction to Self-Healing Architectures

Identifying Single Points of Failure

3-Tier Architecture

Exercise: Three-tier Architecture

Introduction to Scaling

Self-healing Automation Strategies

Automating Scaling

Automating Fault Tolerance

Automating High Availability

**Introduction to Deployment Strategies**

Basic Deployments - VM

Container Deployments - Docker

Highly Available Deployments - Kubernetes

Local Kubernetes Cluster

Create a Local Kubernetes Cluster - Minikube

Rolling Deployments

Canary Deployments

Blue-green Deployments

AWS EKS Cluster

Exercise: Blue-green Deployment

Introduction to Monitoring - Prometheus - Grafana

PromQL, TSDB (Time Series Database) and Data Collection.

Installation of Prometheus , Grafana, node exporter, alert manager and Blackbox.

Infrastructure Metrics and Application Metrics

. Architecture of Prometheus

Monitoring with Prometheus

Scraping of Infra and App Metrics

Node Monitoring with Node Exporter

Website Monitoring with Blackbox

Creating Alerts with Alert Manager

Creating Dashboards with Grafana

Slack Integrations with Incoming Webhooks

tools & platforms
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Work on our Real-time Projects , Task Based

2 Capstone Projects

Experience the New way of Learning with AI Digital Lync offers best technologies
in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

Monitor Learning Management System (LMS) Infrastructure Metric using Prometheus and Grafana

This project aims to monitor a Learning Management System (LMS) on AWS using EC2 instances. Using promethues we are going monitor infrastrucure metrics like CPU, RAM, Storage & Network.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Ravi Director: Mani Duration: 4 Hours
Monitoring application server using node exporter and create alert rules using Alert Manager and send the alerts to slack.

This project aims to deploy Node Exporter on your application servers for Prometheus to collect detailed metrics. Configure Alert Manager to establish alert rules based on collected metrics, defining thresholds for abnormal behavior. Integrate Slack with Alert Manager to receive real-time alerts, facilitating swift incident response for your monitored application servers.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Mani Director: Ravi Duration: 2 Hours

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