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Job Roles After Salesforce Training

  • Salesforce Adminstrator
  • Salesforce Business Analyst
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Course Curriculum

The Modern Path of Achieving Faster Success
Salesforce Admin and Advanced Admin

What is Cloud Computing?

What is CRM?

What is Salesforce?

What is SaaS – Software as Service ?

What is PaaS – Platform as Service ?

What is IaaS – Infrastructure as Service ?

Salesforce Architecture

Salesforce Licenses

Salesforce Editions

Salesforce Development Life cycle

Creation of Salesforce Accout

Business Hours

Company Information

Fiscal Year

Data Protection and Privacy

Language Settings

Manage Currencies

App Menu

Custom Labels

Custom Settings

Custom Metadata Types

Static Resources

Density Settings

Global Search

Themes & Branding

Creating Users

Mass Email Users

User Licenses Overview

Understanding Record Ownership and Access

Roles and Role Hierarchy


User Permissions

Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups

Public groups



Custom Objects Vs. Standard Objects

Creation of custom object

Different Data types

Standard Data types –

Text, Email, Number, Currency, URL, Text Area, Rich Text Area, etc.,

Read only Data types

Auto Number, Formula and Rollup summary

Rollup summary Operations

*Sum(), Min(), Max() and Count

Relational Data types

Lookup Vs Master – Detail Relationship

Required, External Id, Default Value and Unique fields

Controlling field/Dependent field?

Making dependent pick list fields

Tab Creation

Types of Tabs

Custom object Tabs

Web Tabs

Visual force Tabs

Lightning Page Tabs

Page Layouts


Customize the page layouts.

Defining Page layouts

Adding custom buttons and links

Defining required and read only fields

Adding related list

Adding Sections in Detail page

Record Types

To create and maintain record types for your organization.

Display different page layouts and picklist values based on record types.

Uses of Record Types

Assigning Record types to the Profiles.

Schema Builder


Creation of Application/Custom App

Email Templates

Email Templates – Sending Single emails and Mass emails.

Types of Templates – Text, HTML (Using Letter Head), Custom (without using letter head), Visual force Email Templates.

Merging fields in Email Templates

Email Delivery Settings


Defining Workflow

Workflow Actions

Email Alert

Task Creation

Field Updation

Outbound Message

Difference between Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

Time based workflows

Approval Process

Create Approval Process

Approval Actions

Difference between workflow rule and approval process

Process Builder

Creation of Automation Process

Visual Flows and Validations

Creation of Flows

Validation Rules

Standard Validations

Custom Validations

Defining Salesforce Data Validation

Creating Custom Validation Rules

Types Of Security

OWD Access Levels

Sharing Settings and Field Accessibility

Password Policies, Session Settings

Sharing Rules and Manual Sharing

Named Credentials and Remote Site Settings

Trusted URls for redirects

View Setup Audit Trail

Session Settings and Login IP

Certificate and Key Management

File Upload and Download Security

Health Check and User Session Information

Salesforce Data Backup

What is Data Backup?

Advantages for Data Backup

Odaseva (Data Backup Tool)

Salesforce Meta Data Backup

What is Meta data ?

Advantages for Metadata backup

Alation(Meta Data Backup Tool)

Data Loader

Import using Application Import Wizard

Import using Apex Data Loader

Import Wizard Vs Data Loader




Installing an App

Uninstalling an App

Unmanaged Package

Managed Package

Salesforce Chatter & Slack

Public group and Private group

Stream and Feed

Chatter Email settings

Creating Report Types for the Reports

Report Types, Reports & Dashboard Overview

Different Reports

Defining Custom Reports

Advanced Filters

Defining Dashboards



Outbound Messages

Time-Based Workflow

Case Escalations

API Usage Notifications

Mass Emails

Debug Logs

Scheduled Jobs

Email Log Files and Bulk Data Load Jobs

PMD (Scan)

Checkmarx (Scan)



Continues integration(CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)

Deploy the components using Azure Devops

Salesforce Business Analyst


Agile Methodology

Planning Scrum

Determining Business Strategies

Discovering Customer Leverage

Understanding responsibilities

Applying the implementation lifecycle

Analyzing Salesforce environment

Demonstrating Salesforce capabilities for business solutions

Planning discovery activities

Identifying key stakeholders and developing relationships

Explaining current state analysis

Understanding Salesforce features and practices

Demonstrating the scope of complex business process

Applying and understanding hierarchical processes

Analyzing business processes for future visualization

Distinguishing between user stories and requirements

Verifying existing requirements to prioritize

Pushing document requirements to version-controlled repositories.

Understanding components of user stories

Contrasting the difference between acceptance criteria

Pushing user stories to version-controlled repositories

Defining and preparing UAT (User Acceptance Test Plan)

Guiding UAT to manage results

Make a go/no-go decision during technical issues

Salesforce Apex Development

What is object oriented programming language?

What is Apex?

When Should I use Apex?

How does Apex Work?

Data Types and Variables (Primitive, Collections, Enums, Variables and Constants)

Expressions and Operators

Control Flow Statements(If-Else, Switch, Loops)

Classes, Objects, and Interface


Data Manipulation Language


SOQL Basics

SOQL Optional Clauses

Using SOQL and Collections.

Relationship Queries

Complex SOQL and Collections.

Data Retrieval - SOSL

Apex Classes, Objects

Apex Triggers

Basic Triggers.

Context Variables

Trigger Frame Work.

Batch Apex

Scheduled Apex

Queueable Apex

Future Methods

Enforcing Sharing Rules

Enforcing Object and Field Permissions

Enforce User Mode for Database Operations


Apex Managed Sharing

Apex Test Classes

Best Apex Practices

Salesforce LWC Development

Why Lightning Web Components and Why Salesforce Introduced LWC?

Advantages of using Lightning Web Components

Features of Lightning Web components

Set Up Your Development Environment (Install a Code Editor, Set

Up Linting, Set Up a Development Org, Install the Salesforce CLI,

Develop in Scratch Orgs, Develop in Non-Scratch Orgs)

LWC Supported JavaScript, Browsers, experiences and Tools.

Creation of LWC Bundle (folder, html, JavaScript, Configuration, CSS, SVG and Test files)

Fields, Properties (Reactive, Public, Tracked, Boolean, Getter and Private), and Attributes

Decorators and Directives

Component Lifecycle

Lightning Data Service

Work with Records Using Base Components

Use the Wire Service to Get Data

Call Apex Methods

Call APIs from Apex

LWC Modules

Create and Dispatch Events

Handle Events

Configure Event Propagation

Communicate Across the DOM

Enable Debug Mode in Salesforce

Debug Using Chrome DevTools

Install Jest

Run Jest Tests for Lightning Web Components

Debug Jest Tests for Lightning Web Components

Write Jest Tests for Lightning Web Components

Salesforce Visual Force Pages

Introduction to VIsual Force

Visualforce Custom controllers

Using wrapper classes in visualforce

Visualforce Standard Controllers, Extensions

View State


Salesforce Integration

Introduction to web services

Introduction to JSON and XML

Callouts in Salesforce - REST and Soap callout

Creating webservices in Salesforce - REST

Creating webservices in Salesforce - SOAP

tools & platforms
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools

Salesforce Real Time Projects

Project : 1

Sales Cloud Implementation for Kona Mars

Find, choose, and compare Learning Management Systems with Salesforce Cloud Integration in the Top LMS Software directory of eLearning Industry. Kona Mars is a platform for collaborative learning. It enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. The goal is to enable globally distributed workforce access learning programs from a centralized repository, ensuring content consistency, delivery, and evaluation across geographies.

Project : 2

Service Cloud Implementation for Kona Mars

Kona Mars allows organizations to easily manage service interactions with their customers and build great relationships. The goal is to enable Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation with other third-party platforms to give organizations a wonderful and connected experience. Through this process, Kona Mars will be able to provide you with great solutions and help make customer service conversations more intelligent on any platform, anywhere, anytime.

Project : 3

Property Rental Management Solution

The aim of this project is to make the entire business process run on Salesforce CRM so that it stores all the data in a secure environment and gives complete control over who access information. Owners who are interested in giving the property to rental or lease; register the property with the necessary details in the application. The key features include receiving, organizing, and detailing the property information by tracking and monitoring the properties as shown by the tenants. The data must be safe and secure here.

Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry. Digital-Lync will Present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position

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Our Salesforce training has precisely been developed to reach out to the demand of the learners with keeping in mind the industry standards. This DevOps course will particularly be helpful for the career advancement of the following audience

Graduates from College.

Currently working employees looking to upskill themselves.

Candidates looking for a change in the IT Field.

As such, there are no specific prerequisites for Salesforce Training in Hyderabad. If you are familiar with programming and foundation skills with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn you are all set for the Salesforce training.

Salesforce Training Classes are conducted over the Weekdays and Weekends through classroom and online sessions. Please get in touch with the Digital Lync team to get exact schedule and timings.

Salesforce Course duration is 2 Months

Weekday Salesforce Training classes will be one hour long and Weekend classes will be three hours long.

Please find the detailed Salesforce course curriculum in the Digital Lync Salesforce training curriculum section.

Yes, we will assist our students with all the interview preparation techniques.

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