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Salesforce Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.
Salesforce Admin

What is Cloud Computing?

What is CRM?

What is Salesforce?

What is SaaS – Software as Service ?

What is PaaS – Platform as Service ?

What is IaaS – Infrastructure as Service ?

Salesforce Architecture

Salesforce Licenses

Salesforce Editions

Salesforce Development Life cycle

Creation of Salesforce Accout

Business Hours

Company Information

Fiscal Year

Data Protection and Privacy

Language Settings

Manage Currencies

App Menu

Custom Labels

Custom Settings

Custom Metadata Types

Static Resources

Density Settings

Global Search

Themes & Branding

Creating Users

Mass Email Users

User Licenses Overview

Understanding Record Ownership and Access

Roles and Role Hierarchy


User Permissions

Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups

Public groups



Custom Objects Vs. Standard Objects

Creation of custom object

Different Data types

Standard Data types –

Text, Email, Number, Currency, URL, Text Area, Rich Text Area, etc.,

Read only Data types

Auto Number, Formula and Rollup summary

Rollup summary Operations

*Sum(), Min(), Max() and Count

Relational Data types

Lookup Vs Master – Detail Relationship

Required, External Id, Default Value and Unique fields

Controlling field/Dependent field?

Making dependent pick list fields

Tab Creation

Types of Tabs

Custom object Tabs

Web Tabs

Visual force Tabs

Lightning Page Tabs

Page Layouts


Customize the page layouts.

Defining Page layouts

Adding custom buttons and links

Defining required and read only fields

Adding related list

Adding Sections in Detail page

Record Types

To create and maintain record types for your organization.

Display different page layouts and picklist values based on record types.

Uses of Record Types

Assigning Record types to the Profiles.

Schema Builder


Creation of Application/Custom App

Email Templates

Email Templates – Sending Single emails and Mass emails.

Types of Templates – Text, HTML (Using Letter Head), Custom (without using letter head), Visual force Email Templates.

Merging fields in Email Templates

Email Delivery Settings


Defining Workflow

Workflow Actions

Email Alert

Task Creation

Field Updation

Outbound Message

Difference between Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

Time based workflows

Approval Process

Create Approval Process

Approval Actions

Difference between workflow rule and approval process

Process Builder

Creation of Automation Process

Visual Flows and Validations

Creation of Flows

Validation Rules

Standard Validations

Custom Validations

Defining Salesforce Data Validation

Creating Custom Validation Rules

Types Of Security

OWD Access Levels

Sharing Settings and Field Accessibility

Password Policies, Session Settings

Sharing Rules and Manual Sharing

Named Credentials and Remote Site Settings

Trusted URls for redirects

View Setup Audit Trail

Session Settings and Login IP

Certificate and Key Management

File Upload and Download Security

Health Check and User Session Information

Salesforce Data Backup

What is Data Backup?

Advantages for Data Backup

Odaseva (Data Backup Tool)

Salesforce Meta Data Backup

What is Meta data ?

Advantages for Metadata backup

Alation(Meta Data Backup Tool)

Data Loader

Import using Application Import Wizard

Import using Apex Data Loader

Import Wizard Vs Data Loader




Installing an App

Uninstalling an App

Unmanaged Package

Managed Package

Salesforce Chatter & Slack

Public group and Private group

Stream and Feed

Chatter Email settings

Creating Report Types for the Reports

Report Types, Reports & Dashboard Overview

Different Reports

Defining Custom Reports

Advanced Filters

Defining Dashboards



Outbound Messages

Time-Based Workflow

Case Escalations

API Usage Notifications

Mass Emails

Debug Logs

Scheduled Jobs

Email Log Files and Bulk Data Load Jobs

PMD (Scan)

Checkmarx (Scan)



Continues integration(CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)

Deploy the components using Azure Devops

tools & platforms
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools

Salesforce Real Time Projects

Project : 1

Serving Minds- Serve with Pride

Utility Services Company which specializes in providing utility services to public and private businesses of central & state govt. bodies. The Core area of the businesses is to Construct utility Projects for electricity and other logistics and telecommunication and water projects. The application is built through Force.com Platform

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Ravi Krishna Director: Manikanta Kona Duration: 3 Hours
Project : 2

Healthy Minds- Motivating Life with Happiness / Advanced HealthCare Services

ABC is a publicly traded Indian company that provides Physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health record technology.

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Anil Kumar Director: Ramesh Babu Duration: 3 Hours
Project : 3

Helping Hands - Search of Finding Happiness / Welfare Development

Urban & Child Welfare Organization is a non-profit Organization founded in 2021 .This Organization key role is to identify Poor and needy children, place them in school and provide accommodation and support them till Major through School - College Level.

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Vijay Kumar Director: Abhishek Duration: 5 Hours
Project : 4

Sales and Service Cloud for pharmaceuticals

Indian Chem private ltd discovers, develops, produces, and markets pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate symptom. Indian Chem deal with generic or brand medications and medical devices using Sales and Service Cloud .

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Vijay Kumar Director: Abhishek Duration: 5 Hours
Project : 5

Private and Public cloud deployments in Salesforce

Rackspace is a managed cloud computing company that aims to make it easy to manage private and public cloud deployments in Salesforce. The company is the largest managed cloud provider, offering expertise across cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft cloud/ Azure.

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Vijay Kumar Director: Abhishek Duration: 5 Hours
Project : 6

Financial Products and Services in Salesforce Development

STAR Health is an Insurance application which is based on Automobile and Homepolicies. It has broadened its horizons to include all types of travel-related services, as well asoffer variety of insurance and financial products and services used in Salesforce Development.

Skills Required for the project
Salesforce APEX Force.com HTML CSS Workbench Data Loader VS Code
Author: Vijay Kumar Director: Abhishek Duration: 5 Hours

Case Studies

Verizon implementation
Import and Export with Data Management Tools

Create Objects and Custom fields by using related datatypes and upload related data using Data Migration tools using Mapping and UnMapping techniques.

Sales force implementation
Prepare Salesforce Org using Salesforce Users

Implement new user information by using Products and Licenses and maintain Currency Information with Language Settings and Business Hours information in Salesforce Org.

Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry. Digital-Lync will Present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position

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As such, there are no specific prerequisites for DevOps Training in Hyderabad. If you are familiar with programming and foundation skills with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn you are all set for the DevOps training.

DevOps Training Classes are conducted over the Weekdays and Weekends through classroom and online sessions. Please get in touch with the Digital Lync team to get exact schedule and timings.

DevOps Course duration is 50 hours.

Weekday DevOps Training classes will be one hour long and Weekend classes will be three hours long.

Please find the detailed DevOps course curriculum in the Digital Lync DevOps training curriculum section.

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