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  • Salesforce Adminstrator
  • Salesforce Business Analyst
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant
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Salesforce Course Curriculum

Experience the New way of Learning with AI
Digital Lync offers best technologies in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

Administration Curriculum


Cloud Computing



Developer Org Setup

Business Hours

Fiscal Years





Object Manager

Standard object & Fields

Custom Objects

Fields & DataTypes


Schema Builder

Create a Page Layouts

Deleting Fields & Fields Dependence

Path Settings

Business Process & Record Types

Lightning App Builder

Create a User

Create a Profiles

Create a Roles

OWD Settings

Object Level Security

Record Level Security

Fields Level Security

Permission Sets & Permission set groups

Public Groups & Queues

Salesforce DataLoader

Import Data

Export Data

Delete Data

Salesforce data Backup

What is data Backup

Advantages for Data Backup

Odaseva (Data Backup Tool)

Salesforce Meta Data Backup

What is Meta data ?

Advantages for Metadata backup

Alation(Meta Data Backup Tool)

Salesforce Reports





Salesforce DashBoards

Vertical bar chart

Horizontal bar chart

Stacked horizontal bar chart

Stacked vertical bar chart

Line chart

Donut chart

Metric chart

Gauge chart

Funnel chart

Scatter chart

Lightning table

Approval Process

Initial Submission Actions

Final Approval Actions

Final Rejection Actions

Recall Actions

WorkFlow Rules

Defining Workflow

Workflow Actions

Email Alert

Task Creation

Field Updation

Outbound Message

Difference between Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria

Time based workflows

Process Builder

Creating Records

Updating Records

Posting on Chatter

Quick Action

Calling or Triggering Apex Code

Invoking Another Process

Automation Flows

Screen Flow

Record-Triggered Flow

Schedule-Triggered Flow

Platform Event-Triggered Flow

Auto-Launched Flow

Email Templates

Classic Email Template

Lightning Email Template

Validation Rules

System Validation rules

Custom Validation rules

Formula Fields

Roll Up Summary Fields

Business Analyst Curriculum


Agile Methodology

Planning Scrum

Determining Business Strategies

Discovering Customer Leverage

Understanding responsibilities

Applying the implementation lifecycle

Analyzing Salesforce environment

Demonstrating Salesforce capabilities for business solutions

Planning discovery activities

Identifying key stakeholders and developing relationships

Explaining current state analysis

Understanding Salesforce features and practices

Demonstrating the scope of complex business process

Applying and understanding hierarchical processes

Analyzing business processes for future visualization


Distinguishing between user stories and requirements

Verifying existing requirements to prioritize

Pushing document requirements to version-controlled repositories.

User Stories

Understanding components of user stories

Contrasting the difference between acceptance criteria

Pushing user stories to version-controlled repositories

User Acceptance

Defining and preparing UAT (User Acceptance Test Plan)

Guiding UAT to manage results

Make a go/no-go decision during technical issues

Development Curriculum

What is object oriented programming language?

What is Apex?

When Should I use Apex?

How does Apex Work?

What is [Force.com](http://Force.com)


Variable & Operators

Conditional Statement

Data Manipulation Language ( DML)

Insert Operation

Update Operation

Delete Operation


Merge Operation

UpSert Operation





Salesforce Object Query Language

Static SOQL

Dynamic SOQL

Relationship Queries

Salesforce Object Search Language

Static SOSL

Dynamic SOSL

Asynchronous Apex

Batch Apex

Scheduled Apex

Queue-able Apex

Future Methods

Apex Triggers

Before Triggers

Before Insert

Before Update

Before Delete

After Triggers

After Insert

After Update

After Delete

After Undelete

Apex Security

Apex Managed Sharing

Apex Test Classes

Best Apex Practices

Lightning Web Components

Introduction LWC

Setup Development Environment

Create a Developer Org & Setup Devhub

Hello World Component

Component Library Overview

Applying Css

Message Passing through Parent to Child Component





Public Properties

Public And Private Properties

@api Component

@wire Lightning Data Service Wire Adapter

Import Object & Fields Reference

Call Apex Method Using Wire Adapter

HTML Template Bind Data Using Property

HTML Template Data Binding Using Getter

QuerySelector to Fetch Data HTML Template Data Binding

QuerySelectorAll to fetch data HTML Template Data Binding

Getter & Setter Lightning Web Component

tools & platforms
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
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  • tools tools tools tools


Work on our Real-time Projects , Task Based

3 Capstone Projects

Experience the New way of Learning with AI Digital Lync offers best technologies
in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

Sales Cloud Implementation for Kona Mars

Find, choose, and compare Learning Management Systems with Salesforce Cloud Integration in the Top LMS Software directory of eLearning Industry. Kona Mars is a platform for collaborative learning. It enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. The goal is to enable globally distributed workforce access learning programs from a centralized repository, ensuring content consistency, delivery, and evaluation across geographies.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Arjun Director: mani Duration: 1 Week
Service Cloud Implementation for Kona Mars

Kona Mars allows organizations to easily manage service interactions with their customers and build great relationships. The goal is to enable Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation with other third-party platforms to give organizations a wonderful and connected experience. Through this process, Kona Mars will be able to provide you with great solutions and help make customer service conversations more intelligent on any platform, anywhere, anytime.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Arjun Director: mani Duration: 1 Week
Property Rental Management Solution

The aim of this project is to make the entire business process run on Salesforce CRM so that it stores all the data in a secure environment and gives complete control over who access information. Owners who are interested in giving the property to rental or lease; register the property with the necessary details in the application. The key features include receiving, organizing, and detailing the property information by tracking and monitoring the properties as shown by the tenants. The data must be safe and secure here.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Arjun Director: mani Duration: 1 Week

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