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Why Should you take the Full Stack Development course?

  • Learn Full stack developers are all-rounders. There is a rapid growth in the increase in development of web and mobile applications using Full Stack.
  • Acces A full stack developer earns an average salary of 130k USD per year.
  • Keyfeature There is a 20 per cent growth in demand for ‘full stack developers’ compared to last year

Why Full stack Training in Digital Lync?

  • Learn Digital Lync offers one of the best Full Stack training in Hyderabad with comprehensive course curriculum with Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Testing.
  • Acces Elevate your practical knowledge with quizzes, assignments, Competitions and Hackathons to give a boost to your confidence with our hands-on Full Stack Training.
  • Keyfeature An advantage of Full stack development course in hyderabad from Digital lync is to get industry ready with Career Guidance and Interview preparation.

Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.


Introduction to HTML.


HTML Attributes

HTML Editors

HTML Document Structure

HTML Headings

HTML Paragraphs

HTML Styles

HTML Comments

HTML Blocks, Classes, Ids

HTML Tables

HTML Lists

HTML Images

HTML Forms

HTML File Paths


Introduction to CSS

CSS Selectors

Inserting CSS in to HTML(Inline, Internal,External)

Colors, Borders, Background, margins, padding.

Working with core concepts of CSS


Introduction to Javascript

Scripting Languages and their usage

Getting Started with JavaScript.

History of JavaScript


Data types

Real time examples

Operators and control statements.

Types of Operators and their usage.

If statement

If else statement

If else if statement

Real time examples

while loop

do-while loop

for loop

keywords used in control statements like return,break.

Real time examples

Working with Functions

Defining Functions

Function Expressions

Calling Functions.

Function Scope.

Nested Functions.

First class functions


Real time examples

Working with Arrays

Creating an Array.

Accessing,Looping Over,removing elements.

Array methods in detail.

Real time examples

Working with Numbers and Dates

Numbers and its methods.

Date and its methods.

Real time examples

Working with Strings

Strings and its methods.

Real time examples

Working with Objects

Objects and properties.

Creating new objects.

Creating objects using create function.

this keyword.

Real time examples

Working with Scopes and Events

Types of Scopes in detail.

Different types of events with real time examples.

Working with Validations

Basic Validations

Advanced Validations

Real time examples

Understanding Garbage Collection and Best coding practices.

Working with DOM

Intro to DOM

Methods,Documents, Elements


Event Listener




Node Lists

Develop Employee Management System with the following operations.



Add Employee

Update Employee

Delete Employee

Get a list of all employees

Working with Bootstrap 4

Grid System








Button Groups

Badges, ProgressBars




Forms, Input




An application using Bootstrap 4


Introduction to TypeScript

Type Script Compiler



Object oriented programming






Abstract classes


Type Inference

Type Compatibility

Advanced Types


Iterators and Generators




Angular Basics

Introduction to Angular

Different versions of Angular

Differences between Angularjs, Angular versions

Angular Basics

Building blocks of Angular.

Environment Setup

First Application using Angular.


Generating Components using Angular CLI

Angular Basics




Angular Basics

Dependency Injection

Generating Services using CLI.

Working with Data and Events

Property Binding

Attribute Binding

Adding Bootstrap

Class Binding

Style Binding

Event Binding

Event Filtering

Working with Data and Events

Template Variables

Two-way Binding


Custom Pipes

Components in detail.

Input Properties

Aliasing Input Properties

Output Properties

Passing Event Data

Aliasing Output Properties


Components in detail.

Adding Styles

View Encapsulation



Deep dive in to Directives.



Hidden Property



ngFor and Change Detection

Deep dive in to Directives

The Leading Asterisk



Safe Traversal Operator

Creating Custom Directives

Play with Template-driven forms

Building a Bootstrap Form

Types of Forms


Adding Validation

Specific Validation Errors

Styling Invalid Input Fields

Play with Template-driven forms

Cleaner Templates



Control Classes and Directives

Disabling the Submit Button

Working with Check Boxes

Working with Drop-down Lists

Working with Radio Buttons

Play with Reactive Forms


Creating Controls Programmatic-ally

Adding Validation

Specific Validation Errors

Implementing Custom Validation

Play with Reactive forms

Asynchronous Operations

Asynchronous Validation

Showing a Loader Image

Validating the Form Upon Submit

Nested FormGroups



Working with HTTP Services



Getting Data

Creating Data

Updating Data

Deleting Data

OnInit Interface

Separation of Concerns

Extracting a Service

Working with HTTP Services

Handling Errors

Handling Unexpected Errors

Handling Expected Errors

Throwing Application-specific Errors

Handling Bad Request Errors

Importing Observable Operators and Factory Methods

Global Error Handling

Working with HTTP Services

Extracting a Reusable Error Handling Method

Extracting a Reusable Data Service

The Map Operator

Optimistic vs Pessimistic Updates

Observables vs Promises

Routing and Navigation


Routing in a Nutshell

Configuring Routes




Getting the Route Parameters

POC: Create Employee Management System with the following requirements. The Admin should be able to do the following.

Add Employees

Delete Employees

Update Employees

Get a list of all employees

Working with Node JS

Introduction to NodeJS

History of NodeJS

Features of NodeJS

Architecture of NodeJS

Environment Setup

Running First Application

REPL Terminal


Core concepts of NodeJS


Event-driven programming

Core concepts of NodeJS

Working with FileSystem

Understanding Global Objects

Core concepts of NodeJS



Intro to Modules

Core concepts of NodeJS

Working with predefined modules

OS Module

Path Module

Core concepts of NodeJS

Crypto Module


Using NodeJS for Web

Understanding HTTP Module

Creating a server

Handling requests.

Web Modules of Node JS

URL Module

Net Module

Introduction to Server Side Framework

Getting started with Express.

Features of Express

Installation of express

First Application using Express JS

Understanding Express JS Request

Request object

Request object properties

Request object methods

Real time example

Understanding Express JS Response

Response object

Response object properties

Response object methods

Real time example

Understanding Get and Post operations

Intro to Get Request

Developing code to handle Get Request

Intro to Post Request

Developing code to handle Post Request

Routing in Express-I

Intro to Routing

Route methods

Route Paths

Route Params

Route Handlers

Routing in Express-II.

Response methods



Working with Middleware.

Getting started with middleware

Writing middleware

Configuring middleware

Using middleware

Working with Middleware

Application level middleware

Router-Level Middleware

Error-handling middleware

Built-in Middleware

Third-party Middleware

Template Engine-I

Introduction to Template Engines

Different Template Engine

Intro to Pug

Using pug with express

Template Engine-II

Working with EJS

Working with handlebars

Advanced Express JS

Error Handling

File Uploading

Realtime Modules



Introduction to MongoDB Database

Getting started with MongoDB

Features of MongoDB

Environment Setup

Basics of MongoDB

Creating First Database

Creating Document and Saving it to Collection

Dropping a Database

Creating a Collection - Using db.createCollection(name,options)

Dropping a Collection

CRUD Operations

Creating/Inserting a document in collection using javascript file

Inserting Array of Documents

Reading a Document - Querying

Reading a Document with $lt, $gt operator

Updating Documents

Deleting documents

Indexes and ObjectIds

Introduction to Indexes

Understanding Impact of Indexes

Creating Index

Finding Indexes

Dropping Index

Understanding ObjectIds

Creating ObjectIds

Advantages of ObjectIds created by MongoDB

Disadvantages of ObjectIds created by MongoDB

Aggregation and Data Modelling in MongoDB

Using aggregate() method

Using distinct() and count()

Sorting documents

Introduction to Data Modelling in MongoDB

Data Modeling using References

Data Modeling using Embedded documents

Relationships in MongoDB

One-To-One Relationship

One-To-Many Relationship

Many-To-Many Relationship

MongoDB with Nodejs


Using MongoClient

Using Mongoose

Creating database using MongoClient and Mongoose

CRUD operations on MongoDB with Nodejs





(a) POC 1 : Node/Mongo : Create RESTful Web Service Using Nodejs and MongoDB(to store Data collections).

GET /person: Displays a table with a list of people

POST /person: Displays a form to create a single person

PUT /person/{id}: Displays a form through which a person with a specified id parameter can be edited and updated

DELETE /person/{id}: Displays a page through which a person with a specified id can be deleted

**Person collection fields: Name, Age, Gender, Mobile number

(b)POC : Angular

Design a small Single Page Application(in Angular 2/4/5/6/7 ) to manage a list of people.

Create at least 3 views:
>list all people
>edit a person
>delete a person

Note:- Use above rest-api urls to display data in views.

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LetsMeet- A Collaboration tool

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Case Studies

Fullstack Case Flipkart

E-Commerce application such as Flipkart Developing an E2E E-commerce application using front end technologies such as HTML,CSS,BS, Angular and backend technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB , Express etc.

Fullstack Case Netflix

How netflix did product transformation using full stack. How the development team provided better user experience for both mobile and desktop users by using prefetching techniques.


Our Full Stack Development course has precisely been developed to reach out to the demand of the learners with keeping in mind the industry standards.

This Full stack web development course will particularly be helpful for the career advancement of the following audience -

Graduates from College.

Currently working employees looking to upskill themselves.

Candidates looking to explore other technology fields.

There are no specific prerequisites for Full Stack training in Hyderabad. If you are familiar with programming and foundation skills with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn you are all set for the Full Stack Development course.

Full Stack training Classes are conducted over the Weekdays and Weekends through classroom and online sessions. Please get in touch with the Digital Lync team to get exact schedule and timings.

Full stack Course duration is 50 hours.

Weekday full stack Training classes will be one hour long and Weekend classes will be three hours long.

Please find the detailed Full Stack Development course curriculum in the Digital Lync full stack course curriculum section.

Yes, we will assist our students with all the interview preparation techniques.

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