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ServiceNow Course Curriculum

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Digital Lync offers best technologies in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

ServiceNow Admin

Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

Private and Public Cloud

What is the Difference Between SAAS and PAAS

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

What is ITIL

Introduction to ITIL Foundation

ITIL Versions

Benefits of ITIL Standards

ITIL Approaches

Roles and Responsibility of IT Help Desk

Modules in ITIL

Introduction to ITSM

Overview of ITSM

Introduction of Servicenow

What is Servicenow?

Why and who can use Servicenow

History of Servicenow

Servicenow Features

Servicenow Objectives

Servicenow Lifecycle

Architecture of Servicenow

Servicenow Market Trends

Prerequisites for Servicenow

Servicenow Versions

New PDI Account Creation

Request for Developer Instance

How do we reset admin Password

Who will create Developer Instance

Use of stats.do

What is User Interface (UI)?

Difference Between UI15 and UI16

User Profile

Basic Configuration

Purpose of Impersonate User

Use of Global Search

Toggle Connect Sidebar

Settings (Available Component)

What is Form & Record?

Form Headers and Fields

Form Design and Form Layout

Work with Form Sections

Field Properties

Working with Annotation

Creating Custom Fields from Design and Form Layout

Configure .Dot Walking

Form Customisation and Personalisation

Client side vs UI Policies

UI Actions

Business Rules

Client Scripts

Data Policies

Script Includes

Update Sets, Plugins, & Recap


Fields & Field Types

Table Structure & Schema Maps

Table Maintenance & Custom Apps

Users & Groups

New York Changes to Problem ACLs

Roles & ACLs

LDAP, SSO, & Impersonation

Incident Management & SLAs

Problem Management

Change Management

Configuration Management

Service Catalog

Knowledge Management

Service Portal

Connect & Visual Task Boards

Basic Configuration & System Properties

Dashboards & Self-Service

ServiceNow Curriculum 5

Mobile, Upgrades, & HI

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Events & Notifications


Import Sets


App Structure

Creating the App

Finishing the Games Table

Creating the Reviews Table

Loading Data



Reporting & Demo

Final Words

ServiceNow Development

Java Script Introduction

History of Java Script

Client Side Java Script and Server Side Java Script

Java Script Templates

Use of template. Print

Types of Variable

Working with String and String Concatenation

Working with Arrays

Java Script Ari

Java Script Assignment Operators

Variables in Java Script

Working with Mathematical Operations

Work with Conditions (if, else if and else)

Working with Switch Loop

Working with Functions

Java Script Objects

Working with Random and Math’s

Java Script Error Handling

Introduction to Glide API’s

Overview of Glide API’s

Client Side Glide API’s and Server Side Glide API’s

Working with Important Glide API’s

Glide Record

Working with Glide Record Methods

Glide Form

Working with Glide Form Methods

Glide User

Working with Glide User Methods

Glide Session

Working with Glide Session Methods

Glide Date

Working with Glide Date Methods

Glide Data and Time

Working with Glide Date and Time Methods

Glide List

Working with Glide List Methods

Introduction to Client Scripts

Purpose of Client Scripts and Where These are Run

Types of Client Scripts

Elaborate onLoad, onChange, onSubmit and onCellEdit Client scripts

Create New Client Script

Working with More Client Script Examples

Catalog Client Script

Difference Between Client Scripts and Catalog Client Scripts

Introduction to UI Actions

Importance of UI Action

Working with Existing UI Actions

Create new UI Action

Creating UI Actions into Different Places

Working with Client Side UI Actions

Importance of gsftsubmit in UI Action

Working with more Examples

Introduction to Business Rules

Importance of Business Rules

Working with Display and Query Business Rule

Working with Async and Sync business rule

Business Rule Actions

Prevent recursive business rules

Working with existing business rules in PDI

Create new business rule

Global variables in Business Rule

Working with more example

Introduction to UI Scripts

Working with Global UI Scripts

Create new UI Script

Run UI Scripts

UI Scripts on Client Side

Introduction to Scheduled jobs

Schedule jobs States

Create new Schedule job

Run Schedule jobs

View Schedule Item

Introduction to Script Include

Use of Script Include

Types of Script Include

Server Side Script Include

Client Side Script Include

Difference Between Global Business Rule and Script Include

Create New Script Include

Calling Script Include into Business Rules

Calling Script Include into Client Side

Introduction to Glide Ajax

Types of Glide Ajax

Importance of Glide Ajax

How to Call Script Include with Glide Ajax?

Introduction to Inbound Email Action

Overview of Inbound Email Action

Types of Incoming Email

Create Inbound Email Action

Importance of New, Reply and Forward

Introduction to Fix Script

Create Fix Script

Run Fix Script

Testing Fix Scripts

Introduction to Transform Event Scripts

Types of Event Scripts

Working with All Types of Event Scripts

Test Coalescing and The Transform Script

Introduction to Implementation

Working with Scope or Custom Applications

Using All ServiceNow Components to Implement Custom Application

Out of the Box REST API

tools & platforms
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools tools tools tools


Work on our Real-time Projects , Task Based

6 Capstone Projects

Experience the New way of Learning with AI Digital Lync offers best technologies
in the work, Curated for your Career Growth

ServiceNow Administration Implementation for KonaLMS

Find, choose, and compare Learning Management Systems with ServiceNow Integration in the Top LMS Software directory of eLearning Industry. Kona Mars is a platform for collaborative learning. It enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. The goal is to enable globally distributed workforce access learning programs from a centralised repository, ensuring content consistency, delivery, and evaluation across geographies.

Skills Required for the Project
Author: Ganesh Nallapareddy Director: Sai Kumar Duration: 8 Hours
ServiceNow Development Implementation for Kona LMS

Kona Mars allows organisations to easily manage service interactions with their customers and build great relationships. The goal is to enable ServiceNow Implementation with other third-party platforms to give organisations a wonderful and connected experience. Through this process, Kona Mars will be able to provide you with great solutions and help make customer service conversations more intelligent on any platform, anywhere, anytime.

Skills Required for the Project
Author:Radha Krishna Director: Sai Kumar Duration: 8 Hours
Property Rental Management Solution

The aim of this project is to make the entire business process run on ServiceNow so that it stores all the data in a secure environment and gives complete control over who access information. Owners who are interested in giving the property to rental or lease; register the property with the necessary details in the application. The key features include receiving, organising, and detailing the property information by tracking and monitoring the properties as shown by the tenants. The data must be safe and secure here.

Skills Required for the Project
Author:Manikanta Kona Director: Surya Kiran Duration: 8 Hours

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