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Key Features
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We will use collaborative web conferencing with screen sharing to conduct highly interactive live online teaching sessions.

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Got queries? Our 24/7 support team will go extra mile so you can have easy and enjoyable experience with Digital-Lync on Slack which is a communication platform.

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Job & interview Assistance

Our interview assistance can help you overcome your fears and walk into your next interview with confidence and get your dream Job.

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Live projects with our
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We offer Live Projects and opportunity to take part in project design supported by industry partners including business and community organizations.

Key Features
Internship after course

Industry needs the best talent to stay afloat and thrive in today’s fast and ever-changing world, you will get a chance to do Internships and working closely that can provide a serious win-win for both Industry and students/trainees

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Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.
01 Introduction to Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Mix

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

Value Proposition


Branding & Brand Positioning

Brand Equity

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Framework

Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies

Areas of Digital Marketing

Improving Brand Visibility

Niche Targeted Traffic Concepts

Understanding Leads

Strategies for Lead Generation

Case Studies of Digital marketing

01 Content Marketing

What is Marketing

What is Content

Content Strategy

Types of Content

Why Content

Target Persona

Story Telling

Targeting Audience

How Content is Important for Digital marketing

02 How to Build a Website

What is website

Types of website

World wide web (WWW)

What is Domain

Types of Domain

WebHosting Concepts

Domain Hosting Business

Website Language and Technologies

Basics of Html CSS

Popular CMS

What is Wordpress

Layout of Website

Planning and Conceptualizing a Website

Create the website using wordpress

How to Install Templates

Tools and Panels in wordpress


03 Search Engine Optimization

What is Search engine optimization?

Google Algorithms

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Understanding the website

Importance of keywords in SEO

On Page Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

What is On Page Optimization

Web layout Structure

File Name organization

Title Tag Optimization

Meta Tag Optimization

Content Optimization

Anchor tag optimization

Canonical URL

Using Robots.txt in websites

Bread Crumbs

Rich Snippets

URL Redirection Techniques

Google Webmasters Tools

How to submit a website to GWT

What is off Page Optimization

Link Building Techniques

Types of Linking Methods

DoFollow and NoFollow

Link Analysis Tools

Directory Submissions

Classified posting

Social Bookmarking

Cassifieds for Inbound Marketing.

Guest Blogging

Press Release

What is Local Seo

What is Local SEO

Importance of Local SEO

Submission to Google My Business

Importance of Local SEO

Submission to Google My Business

Google My Business Page Optimization

Local SEO Ranking Signals

Citations and Local Submissions

SEO Reporting Diagnosis of SEO

Website Position Analysis Website Monthly Reports.

04 Search Engine Marketing

What is website

What Is SEM?

Research and Analysis of Keywords

Introduction to Keyword Search Types of keywords?

Keyword Research Methodology Keyword Research tools

Market Research and Analysis

Competitor analysis

What is Google Ads

Types of Ads

Understanding inorganic Search results

Google Ads Overview

Setting up a Google Ad Account

Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords and Extensions

Difference Between Search and Display campaign

How does Google Rank Ads

Understanding Adwords algorithm

Quality Score

Why Quality score is important?

What is CTR? Why is it Important?

Understanding bids. What is bidding strategy?

Pros and Cons of Different Bid Strategy

Creating search campaigns

Types of search campaigns - Standard, All features, dynamic search & product listing google merchant center.

Creating our first search campaign.

Doing campaign level settings.

Different types of local targeting.

Enhanced CPC, WHat is CPA

Types of Ad Extensions

Understanding Ad Extensions

Adding Ad Extensions In the campaigns

Creating Ad Groups Using Tools

Finding Relevant Keywords

Adding Keywords in Ad Groups

Keyword Planner Tool

Understanding Types of Keywords

Creating Ads

How to Write Compelling Ad Copy.

What is Conversion Tracking

Optimizing Campaigns

Importance of CTR

Importance of quality score in optimization.

Optimizing with conversion report,performing keywords & non-performing keywords.

How decrease CPC.

Analyzing competitors performance

Display- Using display planner tool.

Finding relevant websites for ads placement.

What is remarketing?

Setting up remarketing campaigns.

Creating remarketing lists.

05 Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media and why it Matters?

How does social media work?

Social Media Frameworks

Social Media Process

Choosing your social media channels

Social Media Planning

06 Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Understanding Facebook

Facebook Pages, Groups, Messenger and Facebook Live

Marketing Tools in Facebook

Understanding Types of Facebook Ads

Setting up Campaigns

Optimization of Campaigns

Facebook Pixels

07 Instagram Marketing and Advertising

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Types of Instagram Ads

Setting up Campaigns

Optimization of Campaigns

Instagram Analytics

08 Quora Marketing and Advertising

Quora Marketing Strategies

How to answer questions on Quora?

Types of Quora Ads

Setting up Campaigns

Optimization of Campaigns

Quora Analytics

09 Twitter Marketing and Advertising

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Types of Twitter Ads

Setting up Campaigns and Optimization

Twitter Analytics

10 LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising

LinkedIn Marketing

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Setting up Campaigns and Optimization

LinkedIn Analytics

11 YouTube Marketing and Advertising

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Setting up YouTube Account and optimization

YouTube Keywords Research

YouTube SEO

YouTube Analytics

12 Display Ads

Setting Up Display Campaigns

Setting Target Audience based on interest

Setting up Keywords, Topics, Placements.

Display ads Image Dimensions


13 Graphic Design for Marketing

How to plan creatives

How to create basic banner using canva

Basics of photoshop

Making Creatives using Photoshop

Basics of Illustrator

14 Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing in DM

Types of Newsletter

Email Scheduling

List Creation

OPT in List

Email Template Design Parameters

Types of campaigns

What is Click Rate

Unique opens

Setting Up Email Marketing Account

What are autoresponders?


Email Marketing Tools

Sign Up the tool

Write the Email Content

Design the Email template

Create the Campaign using Email Tool

Prepare the Reports.

15 Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

How it is Important in DM

Increase of ROI using Affiliate Marketing

Attribution Models

How Affiliate Marketing works

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Identify Merchants.

16 Mobile Marketing:

Advertising on mobile (App & Web)

Targeting ads on Apps

Targeting ads via location

Targeting ads on search engine

Content Marketing on mobile

Mobile strategy-segmentations option targeting and


Mobile marketing mix

SMS marketing

Creating mobile application

Uploading mobile app in Android and iOS

17 Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management

What is online reputation management?

Why online reputation management is need of hour

Understanding ORM scenario

How to deal with criticism online

10 Online reputation management Commandments

15 ways to create positive brand image online

Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation

Step by step guide to overcome negative online reputation

Best examples of online reputation management

18 Marketing Automation

AI and Automation

How to create content using AI

How to boost conversions using AI tools

How to perform A/B testing using AI

How to Create personalize platform using AI

How to create Database using AI

How to get smart insights using AI

19 Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking

01 UX Design

Introduction to UI/UX

Business Fundamentals for UX Design


Business Models




Competitive analysis

Competitive advantage


Value Proposition

Understanding Target Audience

Introduction to Design Thinking

How to discovering Real Problem and idea (Projects)


User Research

User Interview

User groups

Focus groups

Quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis

Competitive analysis


Affinity analysis

Affinity Mapping

Empathy mapping

Problem statement

User scenario

User Persona




Card Sorting

User Journey Map

User flow and task flow

Information architecture



Low Fidelity

Medium Fidelity

Hi Fidelity Prototype (UI Design)

Interaction Design


A/B Testing

Usability testing

Heat Maps

Eye tracking

02 Adobe Illustrator

Exploring the interface

Choosing a workspace

Opening a file Using artboards

Changing your view Zooming and scrolling

Using tools and panels

Exploring the Control panel

Working with panels and the dock

Using the shape tools

Repositioning and resizing shapes

The Transform panel

Constraining a shape

Entering exact dimensions

Selecting artwork

Using the shape and transform tools

Introducing layers

Cutting and pasting objects

Repeating transformations

Exploring the Appearance panel

Changing colors

Selecting the same color

Creating a color group

Using the Color panel

Adding Pantone colors

Understanding the Pen tool

Straight, curved and hinged lines

Tracing images

Editing existing paths

Adding and removing points

Cutting and joining paths

The Shape Builder

Adding tonal values with gradients

Customizing an existing gradient

Saving a gradient

Using the Gradient panel

Updating a gradient Creating a pattern

Applying a pattern

Editing a pattern

Locating existing patterns

Using the Color Guide

Formatting text Paragraph formatting

Using paragraph and character styles

Editing styles

Putting text on a path

Warping text

Putting text in a shape

Creating outlines

Checking spelling

Using the Find and Replace

Getting to know the Layers panel

Using layers to organize an illustration

Selecting using the Layers panel

Creating new layers

Showing and hiding layers

Locking and unlocking layers

Rearranging layers

Moving items between layers

Remembering layers when pasting

Creating a template layer

03 Adobe XD

Wireframing low fidelity

Wireframing (low fidelity) in Adobe XD

How wide should my website or app be in Adobe XD?

Working with existing UI kits in Adobe XD

Type,color & icon Intro

Working with type in XD wireframes

Basic Colors & buttons in Adobe XD wireframes

Free icons for your Adobe XD & UX UI projects

Adding footers & Lorem Ipsum to our XD wireframe

New Pages & Artboards in Adobe XD

Class Project 01 – Wireframe Homepage & Contact Us Page

New Pages & Artboards in Adobe XD


Prototyping & adding interactivity to Adobe XD

How to create a Popup Modal or popup box in Adobe XD

Symbols and repeat grid

Working with groups & isolation mode in Adobe XD

How to make & use symbols in Adobe XD

Using the repeat grid in Adobe XD

Updating symbols & problems with using repeat grids

Prototype Trick to save time in Adobe XD

Navigation tricks & tips in Adobe XD

Class Project 03 - Symbols & Repeat Grids

Prototyping an App

Mocking up an App in Adobe XD

How to use the XD App on iPhone & Android

Adding iPhone & Android battery & status icons to mockup

Login & Dashboard

High Fidelity Design

Mood Boards & resources for Hi fidelity UI design in Adobe XD



Layout Design


Hidden Features

Hidden features for Adobe XD Repeat Grid

Plugin - Content Generator in Adobe XD

Plugin - UI Faces adding random profile photos to XD

Layout Design


Asset Panel

Advanced Asset Panel tricks in Adobe XD

Micro Interactions

What are UI micro interactions in Adobe XD

Button grow or full screen image micro interaction in Adobe XD

Animated Image Gallery with micro interactions in Adobe XD

Full vector change micro interaction in Adobe XD


How to export images & assets from Adobe XD for developers

How to export code in XD for engineers using Design Specs

04 Principles of Visual Design

Visual elements

‘Line’ Visual element

‘Colour’ Visual element

‘Shape’ Visual element

‘Texture’ Visual element

‘Space’ Visual element

‘Form’ Visual element

‘Typography’ Visual element

Design principle

‘Contrast’ Design principle

‘Hierarchy’ Design principle

‘Alignment’ Design principle

‘Balance’ Design principle

‘Proximity’ Design principle

‘Repetition’ Design principle

‘Simplicity’ Design principle

‘Function’ Design principle

05 UI Design

Intro To UI Design







Visual Design

Understanding Visual Elements



Intro to Design Tools

Designing UI using tools

06 Interaction Design

Understanding User Interaction Design

How to use UID

How interaction Design

Button interactions

Page interactions

07 Design Testing

Usability Testing

A/B testing

User Testing

Website Analysis

Testing Using Tools like Hootsuite

Usability testing

Heat Maps

Eye tracking

01 Marketing Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

How Google Analytics Works

Understanding GA Insights

Understanding cookie Tracking

How to Setup GA Account

How to Add Analytics code in website

Understanding Goals & Conversions

Understanding Bounce Rate & Exit rate

What is Link Tagging

Understanding Filters and Segments

How to View Customised Reports

Monitoring Traffic Sources

Monitoring Traffic Behaviour


Active users

Cohort Analysis







User Flow


Tree Maps

Sites Speed

Site Search

Site Content

User Management

Adding users to account

Removing Access from account

02 Tableau


Introduction to Excel:

Customizing tabs, options in excel

Name managers

Data validation: Options in data validation for list, whole numbers, dates

Using name manager for data validation


Custom sorting


Sorting left to right

Advanced sorting with multiple options

Advanced filter options

Sorting and filtering with color options

Pivot tables

Shortcuts to create pivot tables

Changing row and column labels

Custom format tables and default tables

Changing number formats

Value field settings and summarizing values by 11 different options

Value field settings and showing values as different options

Grouping of continuous fields

Pivot charts, compared regular charts

Slicers, Slicer settings, advanced slicer

Calculated fields in pivot tables

Vlookup and Hlookup:

Syntax for Vlookup

What-if there are errors

Vlookup with data validation

Approximation for Vlookup

Using column function for dynamic column numbers

Using Choose function to select a table for Vlookup

Using Match function to identify column number

Locking cells for absolute and relative cells


Auto sum functions

Logical functions

Text functions

Date and Time functions

Lookup and reference functions

Information functions


Column charts

Line charts

Pie charts, Pie in pie and Bar of pie, Donut

Stacker bar and clustered bar charts


Scatter charts

Radar charts

Tree maps





Conditional formatting:

Duplicate values

Alternate rows

Multiple criteria

Negative numbers

Gantt charts and Formula

Advanced topics:

What-if analysis

Text to columns

Flash fill

Remove duplicates, Consolidate

Grouping, ungrouping and subtotals

Freezing and unfreezing panes

Tableau Introduction

Understanding the start pane

Connecting to data source

Data sources that can be connected

Various file formats


Understanding the start pane

Connecting to data source

Data sources that can be connected

Various file formats



Connecting to excel, Joins, Splitting data

Live and extract

Dimensions and measures

Clearing sorts and filters

Views: Standard fit width and height

Drilling down

Expanding the marks in pane

Swapping axis

Renaming sheets

Editing color pane

Adding highlighters

Understanding show me

Sorting and hierarchy

Data pane and analytics pane

Different view options at bottom of sheet

Managing Data and Extracts in Tableau

Hiding and unhiding fields

Creating folders to move dimensions and measures

Adding default colors and properties

Adding multiple data sources

Extracting workbook

Replacing data sources

Data cleansing

Database joins


Sorting and Filtering in Tableau

Default charts

Highlighter for color and shape

Sorting from axis, color, category, manually and clearing sort

Creating groups from pane, manually, visually, parameters, and bins

Adding filter, show filter, wildcards, Top N parameters

Discrete and continuous dates

Types of filters: Applying to specific sheets, Editing page shelf

Hiding cards

Sets and Parameters in Tableau



Tool tips

Cluster analysis


Dashboards and Storyboards in Tableau

Building dashboards

Hiding and unhiding sheets

Interface between sheets, dashboard and storyboard

Elements in dashboard


Actions in dashboard

Device designer

Story points

Charts in Tableau

Word cloud

Bump charts

Box and whisker


Step and Line






Heat map


Show me charts

Calculations in Tableau

Basic syntax

Regular calc and table calc

Adding totals

Date calc

Logic calc

String calc

Number calc


Maps in Tableau



Converting geo to non-geo

Chart default

Options for maps

Unrecognized locations








And Or Not

Order By

Insert into

Null values




Min and Max

Count, Avg, sum













Group By



Create table

Drop table

Alter table

Not null


Primary key




03 A.I in Marketing

How AI is used in Marketing

Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence Content Creation Tool: Overview

Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Technology: Hands-on

Special Video: Content, Tagline generators & Social Media Marketing Usage

Content Curation Redefined with Artificial Intelligence

Curata: An overview

BuzzSumo: Tutorial

Crayon: Tutorial

Scoop-it: Tutorial

AI in Search Engine Marketing using Alexa

Data using AI

tools & platforms
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools
  • tools

Live Projects

Full Stack Projects

Review Commenting System:

Reviews help the organizations to understand the performance of their work and perform analysis on their products by direct...

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Full Stack Projects

Online Multi-pay System.

Online Multi-pay System allows different customers to select multiple options for payment. All the major E-commerce applications has this feature by default. We implement...

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Full Stack Projects

Co Working spaces management Application.

Co Working Spaces is the latest trend for all startups. CSMA is the generic application that can be used by any CoWorking Space..

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Full Stack Projects

Online Movie Data Platform.

Movie Data platform is the one stop real-time information about any movies released so far. This platform allows ...

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Full Stack Projects

LetsMeet- A Collaboration tool

This Collaboration portal helps different users to post their meet ups information. Admin is responsible to accept or decline ...

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Full Stack Projects

Online Results Management System.

Online Results Management System is a generic application that can be used by any educational institution to make the results available to the ...

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Full Stack Projects

SourceOne- Portal for Placements.

SourceOne is the one stop solution for job seekers. This portal helps any job seeker to get the right information about jobs posted by different companies and ...

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Full Stack Projects

E-LoanSure - Loan Management System.

E-LoanSure helps the customers to apply loans through portal. This application reduces lot of paper work and accelerate loan ...

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Full Stack Projects


WeatherFC helps the users to get detailed weather forecast information of different countries across the globe. This application does not need any credentials to access the ...

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Full Stack Projects


EasyABS is the doctor Appointment Booking System. This application helps the users to get access to different doctors information in few clicks. EasyABS allows the patients to book their appointment ...

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Case Studies

Fullstack Case Flipkart

E-Commerce application such as Flipkart Developing an E2E E-commerce application using front end technologies such as HTML,CSS,BS, Angular and backend technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB , Express etc.

Fullstack Case Netflix

How netflix did product transformation using full stack. How the development team provided better user experience for both mobile and desktop users by using prefetching techniques.

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