What is this course about ?

This course is focused to design to impart an in-depth knowledge Python and emphasis of The wide range of applications that involve Python extensively including Web applications,Video games,Web frameworks,Graphics frameworks,UI frameworks,Scientific packages,Mathematical libraries.

Program Syllabus
Phyton Training

Python is a high level and object oriented scripting language. It is used as general purpose programming language. It is interpreted and interactive language. It has huge standard of libraries compared to all other languages. Python is dominantly used in Data sciences,Machine Learning,Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence as a NexGen technology. More

Django Training

Django is a Web Development Python Web Framework. It helps in building the Web Application with best quality FrameWork. Django supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) Pattern and MVT (Model-View-Template) Pattern. Django is written in pure Python Code.Django is stable and is constantly moving forth with new future and improvements. More

Who can sign up for this course ?
  • Anyone with Graduate degree
  • Knowledge of using computers & different OS
  • Basic Coding skills
  • Familiar with Fundamental programming skills
Career Options
  • Python programmer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Software developer
How are the courses taught ?
  • Over 10 years Real-Time experienced Faculty.
  • Provides Class room & Online sessions.
  • Project/Lab based training.
  • Structured learning with live projects from day one.
  • Internships are also available while pursuing College degree.
  • Weekly assessments.
  • State of the art class rooms.
  • Project/Lab based training.
  • Personality development program to face interviews easily.

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