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Job Roles After Angular Training

  • Angular Developer
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  • Front End Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer

Angular Course Curriculum

It stretches your mind, think better and create even better.


HTML Attributes

HTML Editors

HTML Document Structure

HTML Headings

HTML Paragraphs

HTML Styles

HTML Comments

HTML Blocks, Classes, Ids

HTML Tables

HTML Lists

HTML Images

HTML Forms

HTML File Paths

Introduction to CSS

CSS Selectors

Inserting CSS in to HTML(Inline, Internal,External)

Colors, Borders, Background, margins, padding.

Working with core concepts of CSS


Introduction to TypeScript

Type Script Compiler



Object oriented programming






Abstract classes


Type Inference

Type Compatibility

Advanced Types


Iterators and Generators




Introduction to Angular

Different versions of Angular

Differences between Angularjs, Angular 2/4/5/6/7.

Building blocks of Angular.

Environment Setup

First Application using Angular.


Generating Components using Angular CLI




Dependency Injection

Generating Services using CLI.

Property Binding

Attribute Binding

Adding Bootstrap

Class Binding

Style Binding

Event Binding

Event Filtering

Template Variables

Two-way Binding


Custom Pipes

Input Properties

Aliasing Input Properties

Output Properties

Passing Event Data

Aliasing Output Properties




Adding Styles

View Encapsulation

Introduction to Directives





Hidden Property

ngFor and Change Detection

The Leading Asterisk


Safe Traversal Operator

Creating Custom Directives

Intro to Template driven forms

Building a Bootstrap Form

Adding Validation

Types of Forms


Specific Validation Errors

Styling Invalid Input Fields

Intro to Template-driven forms

Cleaner Templates



Disabling the Submit Button

Working with Radio Buttons

Working with Checkboxes

Working with Drop-down Lists

Intro to Reactive Forms

Creating Controls Programmatic-ally

Adding Validation

Specific Validation Errors

Implementing Custom Validation

Asynchronous Operations

Asynchronous Validation

Showing a Loader Image

Validating the Form Upon Submit

Nested FormGroups




Getting Data

Creating Data

Updating Data

Deleting Data

OnInit Interface

Separation of Concerns

Extracting a Service

Handling Errors

Handling Unexpected Errors

Handling Expected Errors

Throwing Application-specific Errors

Handling Bad Request Errors

Importing Observable Operators and Factory Methods

Global Error Handling

Extracting a Reusable Error Handling Method

Extracting a Reusable Data Service

The Map Operator

Optimistic vs Pessimistic Updates

Observables vs Promises


Routing in a Nutshell

Configuring Routes




Getting the Route Parameters

Manual Testing

Automation Testing


Design a small Single Page Application(in Angular 2/4/5/6/7 ) to manage a list of people.

Create at least 3 views:
> list all people
> edit a person
> delete a person

tools & platforms
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Full Stack Developer Real Time Projects

Project : 1

Cricket Technology Platform - CricClubs

CricClubs is one of the leading cricket technology platforms which helps all the stakeholders of cricket irrespective of their roles such as administrator, player, scorer, umpires,fans to experience cricket like never before.

Stacks Used
HTML CSS TypeScript ES6 Angular Angular Material Jira
Author: Ganesh Nallapareddy Director: Sai Kumar Duration: 8 Hours
Project : 2

Shipping and Tracking Software - Eshipz

Flexible, modern app that makes it easy to ship and track by saving time. Reduces manual efforts by 80% by Processing orders faster and efficiently.

Stacks Used
HTML5 CSS3 Router Outlet ES6 Angular DevExtreme
Author: Radha Krishna Director: Sai Kumar Duration: 8 Hours
Project : 3

Learning Management Systems - LearnUva Tech

LearnUava offers the best professional LMS made to cater to industry requirements. LMS Is built with State of Art Technology with World Class features

Stacks Used
HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Angular Typescript ng2-charts material-dashboard
Author: Manikanta Kona Director: : Surya Kiran Duration: 8 Hours
Project : 4

Build a Salesforce Like CRM - Kona CRM

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and it’s software that stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.

Stacks Used
HTML5 CSS3 Material UI Angular Swagger Postman
Author: Manikanta Kona Director: Manideep Duration: 8 Hours
Project :5

Built an Ecommerce Application like Flipkart - RapidCart

The One-stop Shopping Destination. E-commerce is revolutionizing the way we all shop in India. An e-commerce that allows you to buy and sell tangible goods, digital products or services online.

RazorPay Lib
Stripe Lib PayPal Lib HTML5 CSS3 TypeScript Angular Bootstrap
Author: Surya Kiran Director: Radha Krishna Duration: 8 Hours
Project :6

OTT Platform for Content Lovers - My OTT

An over-the-top media service is a media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet. OTT bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms, the types of companies that traditionally act as controllers or distributors of such content.

Stacks Used
Local Storage Application Cache HTML5 CSS3 TypeScript Angular Angular Material
Author: Sai Kumar Director: : Radha Krishna Duration: 8 Hours

Case Studies

E-Commerce application such as Flipkart

Developing an E2E E-commerce application using front end technologies such as HTML,CSS,BS, Angular and backend technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB , Express etc.

Fullstack Case Netflix
Netflix built with Angular

Netflix uses Angular in its tool for analyzing and monitoring the security of Amazon web services with the focus on data presentation with AngularDart

Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry. Digital-Lync will Present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position

Angular engineers who got trained from Digital Lync

Satish Korlapati

Senior Associate Consultant
DevOps engineers

Raveena Reddy

Cloud DevOps Engineer
DevOps engineers

Akhil Nagothu

Cloud Devops Engineer-2
DevOps engineers

Vijay Kumar Putturu

Cloud Devops Engineer
DevOps engineers

Angular Upcoming Batch Schedule

Week Day Batches
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  • Week Day Batches 30th and 1st Sept 2023 Sat-Sun
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Our Angularjs Course has precisely been developed to reach out to the demand of the learners with keeping in mind the industry standards. This Angular course will particularly be helpful for the career advancement of the following audience -

Graduates from College.

Currently working employees looking to upskill themselves.

Candidates looking for a change in the IT Field.

As such, there are no specific prerequisites for Angularjs Training in Hyderabad. If you are familiar with programming and foundation skills with a sense of curiosity and willingness to learn you are all set for the Angular training.

Angular Training Classes are conducted over the Weekdays and Weekends through classroom and online sessions. Please get in touch with the Digital Lync team to get exact schedule and timings.

AngularJS Course duration is 50 hours.

Weekday Angular Training classes will be one hour long and Weekend classes will be three hours long.

Please find the detailed Angular course curriculum in the Digital Lync Angular training curriculum section.

Yes, we will assist our students with all the interview preparation techniques.

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